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    What is the height of washing machine stand?

    hi, I am planning to install washing machine in common bathroom ( house is under construction) but does not know how much space would washing machine take in addition to it what will be the height of washing machine stand. thanks
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    How to remove spam score of domain name I purchased?

    Hello All, This month I purchased a domain name (appeasing name) but after purchasing it today when i see its metrics its spam score is 75 and PA DA is 3 & 4 respectively. I thought this is new domain name without moz metrics now how do remove this spam score and does it impact ranking and...
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    Youtube Adsense Not Approved 2023 Why ?

    One of my client wants to gets his adsense account approved but Youtube Adsense was Not Approved in 2016 how to get it approved easily and quickly. Tnx
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    Who is the most beautiful Indian woman cricketer ?

    Still people are not much aware of women cricket and who can people know who is beautiful woman cricketer? Next I am not yet understanding People are watching cricket or woman's? It's better to take beautiful woman's in the cricket team instead of their activities. The money is waste, conducting...
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    White women look aweful in sari/shalwar kameez?

    I agree. But Indian sarees are not only for skin color. Saree look beautiful in all skin colors, and important thing is we don't have white skin, so whoever wear it, she look beautiful. You can so many fashion shows of designer sarees with dark color models.
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    Which plugin should I use for lead generation?

    I need to know what are my options for choosing a plugin for lead generation on a wordpress website. I know about optin monster and sumome, I need to know other plugins out there that are economical and having good functionality. Sorry if this has been discussed previously and if this is the...
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    Which was first Oscar winning Indian Movies?

    The first indian movie to win oscar is Gandhi in 1982.....
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    Why peoples from all over the world Called India as a great country.?

    I have been to so many countries but I found India as very different type of country and now wherever I go I always asks d question about India from different kind of people some found it great and some doesn't but overall reactions I got was positive. So why it is said to be greatest among d...
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    What Does Crm Stand For ?

    CRM is nothing more than an acronym word. The full form of CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management. It is defined as a software technology that lets the people communication tracking and descriptive attribute management of potential and upcoming total customers and clients. To be very...
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    what is social bookmarking and how does it work for SEO ?

    Since I have started learning SEO, I would want to know real time answers of what is social bookmarking and how does it work for SEO ?. To make it easy i would do bifurcation of my question into 6 parts as follows: What is social bookmarking ? What does social bookmarking site mean in SEO? What...
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    What is social media optimization or SMO?

    Social media optimization is recently strikes the search engine optimization in a very suitable manner. Any website that is seeking the direct traffic from the other resources is widely using these social media optimization techniques. Google+, Facebook and twitter are the three major culprits...
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    What is the difference between article and blog in seo ?

    Hello all, I see time and again online marketers asking for SEO articles and blogs..To me both looks same as they both have keyword density associated with it. Is blog and article the same ? please guide if anyone here know the real difference. Thanks and regards
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    What is your desired income? Are you satisfied with current?

    Hi, This is a very simple question. I want only 100000/Month Income. I know it is little bit on higher side, But, I want to achieve only this figure. I am continuously growing my income. What is your desired income? Are you satisfied with your current income? Discuss.
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    Which are your most favourite hill stations in India ? Which ones have you visited ?

    Shimla, Mussoorie, Nainital, Manali, ooty, Darjeeling & Gangtok are some of the popular ones.
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    Which are the best upcoming movies in coming months to watch?

    When it comes to entertainment, the name of Bollywood industry comes to our mind first. This industry is known for making highly entertaining movies that unleash an everlasting impact on the mind of the viewers. Bollywood is coming up with full range of movies for the movie lovers, and viewers...
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    What is your favorite car?

    I myself big fan of cars and bikes. When it comes to car my favorite list is below BMW Z3 Audi R8 Mercedes Sls AMG Porsche What is your favorite car?
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    What is your favorite fish?

    What is favorite fish? I myself a big fan of fish ,i like black karla,salmon,prawns,crab ,lobster,shark fish. Would like to taste as many if i get a chance. What is your favorite fish?
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    What is the Difference between Affinity and In-Market Audience in Google Display Network ?

    What is the Difference between Affinity and In-Market Audience ? Want to know Affinity Audience vs In-Market Audience in Google Display Network Pointers
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    What you do when you are mentally down?

    I like to listen to music ,watch movies or i would like to go on tour (holiday) how about you?
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    Google Adwords / Bing Ads

    Which one will be best for my ads campaign and will bring good ROI ( return on investment ) for me . Any advice will be appreciated.