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    how much does nice clothing cost in India?

    my friend is coming to India this winter, the first thing what he is looking for would be shopping. he has already visited major cities of india, but this time he would be visiting Mumbai, Chennai and Delhi. I would like to know what are best places to shopping in these 3 cities and how much...
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    what is the difference between curd and yoghurt?

    The difference is preparation, curd is prepared with natural acidic substances on the other hand yogurt is artificially fermented. Then there is difference in yogurt also(greek and regular). Greek yogurt is high on protein Almost double whereas regular yogurt has more calcium.
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    Why we all were always wearing silk sarees for functions?

    My mother and my Aunty all ask me to wear Silk sarees during both occasions and to any functions. why is this so?
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    Who is the most beautiful Indian woman cricketer ?

    I searched around in the internet and found none, as i don't know names of Indian woman cricketer's, thats why this question Who is the most beautiful Indian woman cricketer ? Mithali Raj is all I know, anyone else name that pop's up in your mind ?
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    Who is India's Fastest Bowler Ever ?

    Among the India's fastest bowler's who have crossed 150 KMPH speed are as follows : Top 5 Fastest Indian bowlers of all time, who delivered the fasted bowls of the Indian Cricket world. 1) Umran Malik: 157 kmph – Fastest bowlers in India 2) Javagal Srinath is another among India's Fastest...
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    What do you do on weekends?

    On weekends I usually do rest and some shopping for my home for my kitchen.But I shop these things online. Because online shopping means hassle free shopping.In online shopping I can shop by siting on my sofa from my home.
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    What does love mean?

    A strong feeling of care, not because of better physical appearance, but because of the emotional bonding between two person. its not always about love towards opposite sex but it can be towards anyone, even a animal can be part of it. What does love mean? "love is the master key that opens the...
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    What is the difference between article and blog in seo ?

    Blog and articles are bot different and below is the difference between blog and article Blog Post Opinion Centric No interviews Allowed Can be Short SEO keywords allowed and content is Built around it Spelling and grammar are optional Casual writing approach editor may or may not be...
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    What is standard click to visit ratio in Adwords?

    Hello All, What is industry standard mark for click to visit? I mean What is standard click to visit ratio taken by agencies in India ? Tnx
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    What do you eat for breakfast?

    My daily breakfast is having chapathi with different type of vegetable
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    What are the major social media sites?

    I myself consider top 10 social media sites effective because they have good pr and alexa traffic rank which helps in increasing my site rankings
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    Using onions to get a longer and stronger hair?

    For how many months and years we should use to stop hairfall? I tried this already but in between i got fed up and left the thing
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    Top 5 Hottest Business Women's In India

    These hottest women's are the perfect combination of beauty with brains, That’s the reason they are part of “Top 5 Hottest Business Womens In India” 1) Ayesha Thapar Joint Managing Director - ICPT (Indian City Properties Ltd) Director - Integrated Realty Private Ltd and the Water base Limited...
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    What are the best email marketing tools?

    I have worked with MailChimp since quite long and there are many things which I am not too happy about and was wondering how is your experience with other platforms? Which one out of the lot with ensure that your emails and news letters land in the inbox of potential clients email ? Please do...
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    Strategies for Small Business Marketing Campaigns – Marketing Tips

    Whenever you think about ‘marketing’, do visions of big corporations splashing their particular logos on huge advertisements spring to mind? Most likely, if you are like most individuals. Keep in mind though, that lots of of our services and products come from little, mom and pop type...
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    How to increase crawling rate of google ?

    Hello I have observed that my websites crawling rate has immensely dropped can i anyone guide me on How to increase crawling rate of google ?
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    What is the difference between article and blog in seo ?

    hello I see time and again online marketers asking for SEO articles and blogs..To me both looks same as they both have keyword density associated with it. Is blog and article the same ? please guide if anyone here know the real difference. Thanks and regards
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    How can I start writing content?

    I am new to content writing , I have always been into internet marketing but i somehow used to write small snippets of content, but now i am willing to adopt it for my website...can someone guide me how can I start writing content in easiest manner, I mean where should I start and how should i ...
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    Which city is known as Indian garden?

    Many states and cities in india has very good gardens but can anyone tell Which city in india is known as Indian garden?
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    How Much Should I Charge For Social Media Management Training ?

    I believe charging the tuition fees separately should be a great idea for you. Since this is going to be a dedicated job for you to train them and guide them for a long hours process. As far as money is concern, If i were you, i should have asked 10,000 for an hour for the management training...