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    If you believe in zodiacs astronomy do you avoid sighs that are not compatible to you?

    So I'm a Capricorn and this girl I used to date was a Taurus he was really cool but then she found out a friend of my was a Leo and she instantly did her best to avoid him. I just wanted to know if this was common. She wasn't rude to his face but she made sure to say as little as possible
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    How many pillows do you have on your bed?

    How many pillows do you have on your bed? It is advised to sleep on straight floor,I normally like to sleep on one .How many do you have on your bed?
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    What is the perfect size kitchen in India?

    of what I have seen in our locality, I see majority of kitchens are around 7 to 9 feet in length and * 8 to 9 feet breadth considering that the land size of kitchen is square. can anyone enlighten me about what is ideal size of Indian kitchens ?
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    What's your favorite rose color?

    What's your favorite rose color? Roses come in many different colors. There is even a black rose. Which color rose do you like the best? I like Red, blue or turquoise roses. They look so emotional and peaceful.
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    Using onions to get a longer and stronger hair?

    I tried myself ,this method is good but when ever i applied onion i got head ache and my hair smelled dirty after washing hair
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    How Much Should I Charge For Social Media Management Training ?

    It all depends upon your lengthy coach that appointing daily classes. I would suggest to you get double rate what you are offering services now. I must say you should start an online teaching for social media optimization, make sure keep the data safe when teaching to these students.
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    How would you rate your life from scale 1 to 10 ?

    Life is full of ups and downs. I would rate my life before 2017 8 and now i would tell 5,not much happening in my life. I lost all my near and dear one's.. struggling with life.
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    How To Structure PPC Campaigns ?

    5 Tips to Structure PPC Campaigns : Create different groups with related them “ad group.” Structure PPC Campaign in such a way that keywords and the ad copy are very tightly woven together Create very highly relevant ad copy to that of keywords such that it increases the...
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    How you going to spend 1 million dollars?

    I will invest in a website to make me recurring income month after month, the rest of the money I keep in the bank .
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    Is social media good for kids?

    I see a lot of underage kids who spend their time on social media like Facebook , Instagram or twitter and losing education with it. Indian Govt is still nail down age limit along with its usage. I am still not yet getting why Indians can't learn from Chinese people who have their own sets.
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    Do you like shopping online?

    Do you like shopping online? What worldwide online store you like Flipkart,Amazon etc?
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    Who is the most educated cricketer ?

    i think Anil Kumble is most educated cricketer of india but globally i am not sure, would like to know Who is the most educated cricketer around globe? thanks
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    Does short hair look good on women?

    Several of today's top young female musicians, actresses, and female news anchors have gotten their hair cut very short. Some examples are Miley Cyrus, Jennifer Lawrence, Kristen Stewart, Kaley Cuoco-Sweeting, Shailene Woodley, Kate Mara, and Megyn Kelly. I think they all look terrible with...
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    Do you like travel by train why?

    I like so much train travel and mostly I sit in on the gate and at night I can sleep in my sleeper class section. But I don't like travel in bus. So what's about you..
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    Do you like chinese food?

    As the title says do you like chinese food? What is your favorite food? I like chicken rice and chicken manchurian
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    Did you enjoy school and college?

    Did you enjoy school and college ? I miss my school and college days very much,those are beautiful days in my life.
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    How do you remove blackheads?

    Blackheads also known as open comedones, that are tiny, dark spots that appear on the on your skin. Blackheads are blocked pores in the skin that are filled with skin debris or sebum, like an oily substance. Blackheads occur mainly on the face and nose and are a common problem among adolescents...
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    Best tourist place in India?

    Best tourist place in India as per your experience interms of budget friendly place ? Any tourist place in India?
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    Can exercise really help me lose weight – Physical Activity Guidelines

    Regular exercise may help you slim down and keep it off. This may also improve your energy level and mood, reducing your risk for developing coronary disease, diabetes, and some cancers. In line with the 2008 Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans, experts believe all adults needs to be...
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    Can anyone tell me what is the cost of tattoo in Delhi ?

    If anyone from delhi can please tell me how much would it cost to have tattoo ? I would like to know cost per parlor per sq inch. Even if you can guide me with hourly basis that would help me in planning . I am talking about permanent tattoo here.