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    How Long Does Morning Sickness Last During Pregnancy ?

    This is the big question that is probably faced by the every pregnant woman in this entire world. There are many thought in the society which is probably adopted by all the women I think everyone must have seen that the pregnant women generally do vomiting which are the indications in the...
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    Google Adsense Tips

    Some of your ad units are only being seen a fraction of the time. Advertisers want their ads appearing in the most "viewable" positions. By making your ad unit more viewable, you're likely to increase your revenue and be of more interest to advertisers. Consider placing ads at the bottom of a...
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    Few Tips for Web Designing!

    In order to setup an excellent website, you have to first understand the principles behind good web page design. Proper design allows you to make a site that’s easy to use, aesthetically pleasing which looks professional. Good design will not only encourage a boost in traffic for your site, it...
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    How social media marketing is important for business?

    I want to promote my business through social media marketing. Social media is every where today .Do my business get maximum exposure through social media?
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    How would you rate your life from scale 1 to 10 ?

    Lets all be honest . Let me start with myself. I rate my life as 6/10. Why? Because I am not doing much in life How about you? How would you rate your life from scale 1 to 10 and why ?
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    How to use Advanced Adwords Ad Customizer ?

    This is very efficient advanced level adwords trick wherein we will add one ad-copy and we will use it many times change it without deleting the ad and your ad doesn't loose data. Now lets learn how to start with Adwords Ad Customizer Suppose you want to target many locations in India say 3...
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    "I was so terrified by seeing the RSS Goons." - Must Read

    I saw some KHAKI CHADDI people roaming around the flood struck roads of Chennai. I was so terrified by seeing them. I did not have any idea, who is scarier- Flood or RSS = ISIS? I never saw these ‘Khaki Chaddi’ terrorists before but I heard a lot about these goons on media. Congress said they...
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    Is social media good for kids?

    I will research and keep a good business. Now a days nobody is interested in doing a job. Some i keep for myself.
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    Is Directory Submission Still Effective?

    Does directories still for SEO, Is directory Submission Still Effective? Does directories still drive traffic ?
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    Are there people who make their living making YouTube videos?

    Are there people who make their living making YouTube videos? no 9-5 job? can anybody show how it can be possible?
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    Do you like shopping online?

    Yes who doesn't love shopping online. My favorite portals for online shopping are Reasons being they sell genuine products be it apparels, books, or footwear. name the thing and they have it that too at an affordable price. I have many times compared their prices with other portals...
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    Business Planning and Strategies

    Business Planning and Strategies - A wide and theme focused approach to accomplish your Business goals with the Vision you have and the practical steps to accomplish this Mission. These strategies are based out of three thinks and aspects : What to do ? Why to do ? How to do ? These three...
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    Can anyone tell me any business with recurring income online ?

    Hello all, I don't have any knowledge of online work but Can anyone tell me any business with recurring income online ? if there is any such business which can help me with earning recurring income online, i can stop job and work of our own.
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    Can anyone tell me what is the cost of tattoo in Delhi ?

    The cost tattoo can range anything betwen 700 INR TO 7000. As far as i Know the 10 sq inch permanent tattoo is generally costs around 700 INR. There are many tattoo shops that charge around 900 INR per Square Inch. so the real cost of tattoo will vary from shop to shop and artist to artist. It...
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    Castor Oil and Lemon Essential Oil for hair

    A mixture of castor oil and lemon essential oil can be applied to the scalp to help stop hair loss and also to re-grow hair. Combine 8 tbsp castor oil and 1 tbsp lemon essential oil in a small bottle or container and shake to make it combine. Pour a small amount into your hands and massage the...
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    5 Most Profitable Businesses You Can Think Of Starting!

    Entrepreneurs dream of starting a business for a variety of reasons like some of them really hate their jobs, others dislike the politics of the corporate world and most of them are lured by the freedom and the flexibility of owning a company/office! Regardless of the thought-process behind...
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    Are there good career options available after doing an embryology course in India?

    I am MSC qualified and looking forward to become an embryologist. I want to know about the job opportunities available for an embryologist.
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    3 Tips to Assist Your Post-Pregnancy Fat Loss Quest a Success

    You may or may not be more comfortable with the fat you have was able to get while you were pregnant. Some girls may not worry about it actually, but returning to your pre-pregnancy weight has numerous reasons. It is a matter of good health as you should be at a weight that is normal for your...
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    10 Things That Digital Marketer Becomes In Course Of His Job

    9 Things That Digital Marketer Becomes In Course Of His Job He become's a content writer when He need blog post. He become's a coder when He need to customize themes. He become's an ethical hacker when He needs to secure his blogs. He become's a reviewer when he list his products or services in...
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    Ability Beyond Life

    TYING a sari in two minutes, rolling perfectly round rotis and preparing what her brother calls the best mutton breyani may be a challenge for most people, but for visually-impaired Tunusha Naidu it’s all in a day’s work. The 32-year-old of Umkomaas was born blind but it hasn’t stopped her...