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    Who is the most beautiful Indian woman cricketer ?

    Sushma Verma from Himachal is another beautiful Indian woman cricketer apart from Mithali Raj, But i would not comment on Who is the most beautiful Indian woman cricketer as both are beautiful and beauty lies in eyes of beholder. Its upto you guys whom you choose as most beautiful.
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    Who is India's Fastest Bowler Ever ?

    Munaf Patel bowled at 143 KMPH at early 2006 L Balaji crossed 140 KMPH at 2004 Pakistan tour series. here are few India's fastest bowler's of all time that u missed out Shivam Mavi 149.3 km/h Irfan Pathan 153.7 km/h Navdeep Saini 152.85 Jasprit Bumrah 153.26 km/h
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    What do you do on weekends?

    Share the activities, you perform on weekends. Like, I love to watch movies, hang out with friends, do shopping, make business plans etc. What are some things you can realistically teach yourself in a weekend?
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    Why are americans so obsessed with their military?

    Im Indian and Ive done some research we have big military, which clearly puts us 3rd in the world for military power, if you don't count Saudi Arabia and other countries (which we are clearly better than) and you never see or hear us even mention our military, Americas got no need to be proud of...
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    White women look aweful in sari/shalwar kameez?

    White women look aweful in sari/shalwar kameez? Agree or disagree lol
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    Which plugin should I use for lead generation?

    OptinMonster - OptinMonster is a WordPress plugin that helps in converting website visitors into subscribers and customers. It makes it easier for marketers to acquire new leads and customers. OptinSkin - OptinSkin is a WordPress lead generation plugin that makes it easy to add opt-in forms...
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    Which was first Oscar winning Indian Movies?

    I would like to know which was the first Indian movie to win Oscar's Tnx
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    what is social bookmarking and how does it work for SEO ?

    Social bookmarking is a powerful tool for promoting a website and it is helpful in Instant Indexing i.e. Yourwebsite gets indexed by various Search Engines within quick time.
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    What are the major social media sites?

    Here are the top 15 Most Important Social Media Sites in 2023-24. 1 Facebook 2 Twitter 3 LinkedIn 4 Pinterest 5 6 Tumblr 7 Instagram 8 VK 9 Flickr 10 Vine 11 Meetup 12 Tagged 13 14 MeetMe 15 ClassMates
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    Tips for SMO

    Integrate your blog into the main domain. Have share buttons above all the blog post. Feature your social media links on every page of your website. Create conversion campaigns quarterly, every conversion campaign need a landing page Use a good analytics technique