30 Unknown And Interesting Facts About Indian Hockey

Unknown And Interesting Facts About Indian Hockey
  1. Beighton Cup is India's oldest hockey tournament which was Started in 1895.
  2. Even the World Wars did not affect Beighton Cup tournament.
  3. From 1928 to 1956, India won 6 straight Olympics gold medals one after another.
  4. India won 24 consecutive hockey matches during this phase.
  5. India conceded only 7 goals
  6. India scored 178 goals
  7. India has won the Olympics hockey gold medals title for 8 times.
  8. Indian hockey team was first sports team to set their foot in New Zealand & Australia in 1926 , Europe in 1928& Japan and USA in 1932
  9. Indian hockey team was 1st sports team of India to tour around the world in 1932, India played their matches in Tokyo, Colombo, Oman, Malaya, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, Berlin, Prague, Amsterdam and Budapest.
  10. India 24 Vs USA 1 (1932 Olympics ) is Largest margin of victory in history of hockey
  11. India holds record of largest number of victories on trot i.e.30 wins on line from 1928 till 1960
  12. Sansarpur village in outskirts of Jalandhar in Punjab has produced 9 Olympians
    1. Gurmit Singh in 1932
    2. Udham Singh in 1952, 1956,1960, 1964
    3. Gurdev Singh in 1956
    4. Darshan Singh in 1964
    5. Jagjit Singh in 1964,’68
    6. Balbir Singh – Services in 1968
    7. Balbir Singh – Punjab in 1968
    8. Tarsem Singh in 1968
    9. World Cup winning team captain Ajitpal Singh in 1968, 1972, 1976.
  13. Sansarpur, a tiny village on the outskirts of Jalandhar, has the distinction
  14. The Indian Hockey Federation was formed at Gwalior in 1925.
  15. Indian Hockey Federation become first non-European member of international Hockey Federation (FIH).
  16. India joined FIH (International Hockey Federation)in 1928.
  17. Balbir Singh Sr. holds Guinness World Record for scoring most goals in a Olympics hockey finals. Balbir Sr. scored 5 goals against Netherlands.
  18. England never participated Olympics(Hockey) from 1928 till India got independence.
  19. Dhanraj Pillay is the only Indian who have played 4 Asian Games, 3 World Cups & 3 Olympics.
  20. Terry Walsh & MK Kaushik were two players who were sacked by the federation despite of guiding India to Asian Games Gold .
  21. Only 5 foreigners i.e. Germany, Spain and Australia(all left on bad terms) have coached Indian hockey team till 2015.
  22. Richard Allen Indian goalkeeper conceded the only goal of the match when he was giving autographs to fans during the match with USA in Olympics , Indian won that match by 24 Vs 1 USA.
  23. Richard Allen holds the record of conceding least number of goals in the Olympics by any goal keeper, he conceded only 2 goals in his 3 Olympics appearances.
  24. Indian won match 5-0 against Japan in Mexico Olympics 1968 without even scoring a single goal. This happened because Japan refused to play on field and after that this decision went against them.
  25. Sikhs have been part of every Indian Olympics hockey team since 1928 till the date.
  26. Dhyanchand is the most remembered Indian hockey player (scored more than 400 goals during his international career) because of his extraordinary goal-scoring feats. He was part of three Olympic gold medals (1928, 1932, and 1936).
  27. Hitler, left Olympic hockey match halfway through the match in c 1936, as he could not bear to see his team lose the match. India won the match by 8-1, of which 6 Goals were scored by Dhyan Chand himself.
  28. Hitler wanted Dhyanchand to Accept German Citizenship and Play for Germany.
  29. Dhyan Chand could not sleep the entire night as Hitler expressed his desire to meet him.
  30. Bronze medal in 2013 Junior World Cup is Indian women team's only medal in World Cup (junior or senior)