"I was so terrified by seeing the RSS Goons." - Must Read

I saw some KHAKI CHADDI people roaming around the flood struck roads of Chennai. I was so terrified by seeing them. I did not have any idea, who is scarier- Flood or RSS = ISIS?

I never saw these ‘Khaki Chaddi’ terrorists before but I heard a lot about these goons on media. Congress said they are equal to ISIS and kill people in India. They have been conducting bomb blasts in India and all the intolerance that has risen in India is because of these ‘Khaki Chaddi’ people.

Terrified from within, I closed my eyes and said let the water take me with it. Instead of getting killed by these goons I chose an easy route. Instead of saving me from water I surrendered in front of flood.

But the moment I surrendered, these horrifying creatures saw me and started running towards me. They took me out of the water, somehow. Then they took me, along with some others, to a place which was not that flood affected. The place was not flooded with water but with Khaki Chaddi people, instead.

They gave me food and shelter then. And all this while I was thinking – are these people intolerant? Aamir Khan, Shah Rukh Khan, and Congress have been maligning their image by terming them intolerant, but they saved me and did not even ask me my religion.

Then I searched, What Aamir Khan was doing when I was fighting with fear and sinking in water. I found that he left for a holiday in a foreign country.

Then I searched about the KING KHAN and I found that he is in London promoting his film.

Then much to my surprise I found congress wanted a debate on Intolerance in the house, instead of discussing Chennai flood.

While on the other hand, these so called goons of RSS were saving people. The intolerant Bhakts on Social Media are taking time out of their jobs to arrange for the needful, circulating the SOS numbers and creating the much needed awareness which is the mainstream Media’s job. The Indian Army is rescuing us.

Now I am wondering who is a terrorist and who is intolerant or who the real goons are!