What type of heater is best for room?


  1. Radiator Room Heaters (Oil-Filled ) often called as OFR are best as per my Observation

    • It produces heat that circulates warm air throughout the room and retain this heat for longer durations as compared to others.
    • you can be free from tension of fire and you can even touch fins as they don't get heated to that extent best part is that it doesn't deplete oxygen, hence keeping adequate oxygen level in the room.
  2. Halogen based Room Heater
    • I have chosen this as 2nd option as it is budget-friendly apart from heating up enclosed spaces. another feature is that it is among safest form of heater available in the market.
  3. Blowers also called as Heat Convectors
    • Blowers are used since many years they convert cool air in your room in warm air. it is safe and energy-efficient form of heater.