Who is India's Fastest Bowler Ever ?


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Among the India's fastest bowler's who have crossed 150 KMPH speed are as follows :

Top 5 Fastest Indian bowlers of all time, who delivered the fasted bowls of the Indian Cricket world.

1) Umran Malik: 157 kmph – Fastest bowlers in India

2) Javagal Srinath is another among India's Fastest bowler who have crossed the mark of 150 KMPH by bowling at 156 km/hr. on tour of South Africa in 1996. He also constantly bowled in around 90 mph during 1999 World Cup

3) Varun Aaron anothe young lad who just came to picture few years ago have crossed 150 KMPH mark by bowling at 153 km/hr in a match against Sri Lanka in India Sri Lanka series in 2014 and bowls consistently at 140 KMPH

4) Umesh Yadav is on the list becoming third fastest delivery bowled by any Indian bowler with top speed of 152.2 KMPH (94.5 MPH)

5) He has fastest bowling speed average among all Indian fast bowler as his career span has seen his bowling speed constantly floating around 140 KMPH

6) Ishant Sharma among the Indian quicks have also touched 150+ KMPH speed by bowling at 152 km/hr in a ODI match against Australia CB series at Adelaide Oval on 17, 2008

Other Fastest Indian Pacer's are :
6) Asish Nehra has done few balls at speed of 149 KMPH and Maximum of 149.7 KMPH (93 MPH) during world Cup in 2013

7) Zaheer Khan constantly bowled around 140+ during 2003 world cup with Highest speed of 146 Kmph.

8) S Sreesanth is another fasty who crossed 145 KMPH speed at Kuwalmpur tri series in 2006 and topped the speed of 149 Kmph in the match

9) Ajit Agarkar bowled quick during his starting days of career with career best of 146 Kmph in 2001-2002

10) VRV Singh during Africa tour in 2006 hit 145 Kmph and A Bhandari hit 145 Kmph in Australia tour of 2004

These are top 10 fastest bowlers of India of all Time.

Any other India's fastest bowler if anyone of you can remember ?
Munaf Patel bowled at 143 KMPH at early 2006
L Balaji crossed 140 KMPH at 2004 Pakistan tour series.

here are few India's fastest bowler's of all time that u missed out
Shivam Mavi 149.3 km/h
Irfan Pathan 153.7 km/h
Navdeep Saini 152.85
Jasprit Bumrah 153.26 km/h