Business Planning and Strategies

Business Planning and Strategies - A wide and theme focused approach to accomplish your Business goals with the Vision you have and the practical steps to accomplish this Mission. These strategies are based out of three thinks and aspects :
  1. What to do ?
  2. Why to do ?
  3. How to do ?
These three points is the business model.

Main areas to cover up in defining goals and strategies are :
  • Positioning - What do you want customers to know about you and your services ?
  • Revenue Model - How will you generate revenue
  • Marketing Strategy - How will you penetrate market and intoduce your brand and service to the potential customers
  • Alliances & Intermediaries - How will these things help you get new leads for sales
  • Sales - channels that will be used for the sales
  • Diversification - A plan for next 5 years in case you would want to diversify it.