How Much Should I Charge For Social Media Management Training ?


I have a of my clients has decided to take over their social media that I have been managing for almost a year because they now have a bigger staff. The staff that will be taking it over have never done any social media management or even been in the FB admin area for their page, so they want me to train them through a transition period and want to know exactly how I have been managing their social media. I'm sure they will want this as part of the flat management fee I have charged them, but my thought is that I need to charge a separate training fee by the # of hours they need training. Is that how most people do it? I'm fairly new to entrepreneurship and am figuring out this type of thing. What is a typical fee for skills training virtually on an hourly basis?
It all depends upon your lengthy coach that appointing daily classes. I would suggest to you get double rate what you are offering services now.
I must say you should start an online teaching for social media optimization, make sure keep the data safe when teaching to these students.
I believe charging the tuition fees separately should be a great idea for you. Since this is going to be a dedicated job for you to train them and guide them for a long hours process.
As far as money is concern, If i were you, i should have asked 10,000 for an hour for the management training for social media. This is really not an easy job, mind you.
If they approaches you for further negotiation then don't be rigid but move on to and a slight cut off with your asking price is nit a bad idea but makes you look better to your employer.