Unknown Facts about Bollywood - What does Bollywood mean?


Pointers below talk about Facts of Bollywood, the misconceptions about bollywood and what does bollywood mean.
  • Hindi Film industry of India is called or referred as Bollywood.
  • The informal name given to Mumbai based Hindi film industry is "Bollywood"
  • The term Bollywood is combination of Bombay and Hollywood i.e. Bo (Bombay) + llywood (Hollywood ) = Bollywood
  • The Bollywood term first came into existence in 1989 (coined by BBC Radio) after movie Named Ram Lakhan, to show how similar Hindi film industry was to contemporary Hollywood storytelling.
  • Bollywood is not English word yet it has made its own entry into the English Oxford Dictionary.
  • Hollywood makes huge impact on Bollywood as, many Bollywood movies are complete replica of Hollywood movies, now even songs and dialogues constitute largely of English words.
  • Bollywood being Hindi film industry uses quite a bit of poetic Urdu words.
  • Indian film Industry (including Bollywood and other major movie industries) is the largest industry in terms of output i.e. in terms of films produced & the number of tickets sold.
  • Bollywood is not only popular in India and sub-continent but it's also very popular in Middle East, many parts of Africa and Southeast Asia. Now it has worldwide presence and demand among the South Asian diaspora.
  • Many Bollywood actors have acted in hollywood movies which includes Om puri, Naseeruddin Shah, anil kapoor etc.
  • a strong part of popular culture of not only India and the rest of the Indian subcontinent, but also of the Middle East, parts of Africa, parts of Southeast Asia, and among the South Asian diaspora worldwide.
  • Bollywood and the other major cinematic hubs (Tamil, Bengali, Telugu, and Malayalam) constitute the broader Indian film industry, whose output is the largest in the world in terms of number of films produced and in number of tickets sold.
  • Bollywood is many times used incorrectly to refer it to the whole of Indian industry where as truth is that, its a Hindi film industry.
  • Bollywood is not Indian film industry but India based film industry
There are many film industries in India and below are some of them listed :
  • Assamese film Industry
  • Badaga Film Industry
  • Bengali film Industry
  • Bhojpuri Film Industry
  • Gujarati Film Industry
Apart from the above there are many film industries in India