What is the difference between article and blog in seo ?


I see time and again online marketers asking for SEO articles and blogs..To me both looks same as they both have keyword density associated with it. Is blog and article the same ?
please guide if anyone here know the real difference.

Thanks and regards
Blog and articles are bot different and below is the difference between blog and article

Blog Post
  • Opinion Centric
  • No interviews Allowed
  • Can be Short
  • SEO keywords allowed and content is Built around it
  • Spelling and grammar are optional
  • Casual writing approach
  • editor may or may not be involved(self-published)
  • Opinion is not allowed
  • interviews and research from experts allowed
  • Has to be more than 300 words
  • Keywords is not so important
  • crafted with impeccable Spelling and grammar
  • sophisticated and researched writing approach and style
  • An editor does edits before its published in the print magazine